match1 «mach», noun.
1. a short, slender piece of wood or pasteboard tipped with a mixture that takes fire when rubbed on a rough or specially prepared surface: »

The heads of matches have, at the very tip, a chemical called phosphorus sulfide.

2. a cord or wick prepared to burn at a uniform rate, formerly used for firing guns and cannon.
3. Obsolete. a piece of cord, cloth, paper or wood, dipped in melted sulfur, ignited by a tinderbox.
[< Old French meiche, probably < Latin myxa < Greek mýxa lamp wick; {{(originally) mucus, slime; influenced by Vulgar Latin muccāre to snuff (a candle) < Latin muccus mucus]
match2 «mach», noun, verb.
1. a person able to contend or compete with another as an equal; an equal: »

to meet one's match. A boy is not a match for a man.

2. a person or thing equal to another or much like another in some respect: »

a period without its match in history.

3. a person or thing that is like or forms an exact pair with another; a mate: »

The all-seeing sun Ne'er saw her match (Shakespeare).

4. two persons or things that are alike or go well together: »

Those two horses make a good match.

5. a) a game; contest: »

a tennis match, a boxing match.

SYNONYM(S): competition, tournament, tourney. b) an engagement for a game or contest.
6. a marriage: »

The match between the duke's daughter and the prince was arranged by the duke and the king.

7. a person considered as a possible husband or wife: »

That young man is a good match.

8. Obsolete. an agreement; compact; bargain: »

A match! 'tis done (Shakespeare).

1. to be equal to in a contest; be a match for: »

No one could match the skill of the unknown archer. The event cannot…match the expectation (Charlotte Brontë).

2. to be the same as: »

The color of the skirt does not match that of the coat.

3. to make like; fit together: »

To match our spirits to our day And make a joy of duty (John Greenleaf Whittier).

4. to find the equal of or one exactly like: »

to match a vase so as to have a pair. To match this scenery you must go a long distance. Modern craftsmen have been unable so far to match objects produced by some of the ancient lost arts.

5. to arrange a match for; marry: »

the duke matched his daughter with the king's son.

6. to try (one's skill or strength against); oppose: »

He matched his strength against his brother's.

7. to pair as opponents or competitors; provide with an opponent or competitor of equal power: »

The champions of each league were matched for a game. A heavyweight and a lightweight cannot be matched.

1. to be alike; go well together: »

The rugs and the wallpaper match.

2. = marry. (Cf.marry)
[Old English mæcca < gemæcca companion. See related etym. at make2. (Cf.make)]
match´er, noun.

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